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Is Onvi registered with the FCA?

Onvi is partnered with Stripe Payments UK Ltd (FCA registration 900461). As Onvi utilises Stripe's existing payment rails, you can rest assured that your funds and those of your customers are safe.

When do I receive my money?

Funds will be automatically transferred to your nominated bank account three working days after transactions are processed. However, Instant Withdrawals can also be made.

How can I accept Tips?

Go to Profile > Features, then toggle ‘Tipping’ to ‘On’. Once enabled, the option to add a tip will be given to customers before they make a payment. Tips can be added as a percentage of the total (5%, 10% or 15%) or as a custom amount.


Can I take payments over the phone?

Onvi does not yet support the option of inputting card details without the card holder present. However, you can easily send your customers Payment Links to accept remote payments quickly and securely.

How can I send a Payment Link?

Go to Profile > Features, then toggle ‘Payment Links’ to ‘On’. Once enabled, go back to the Payment screen and tap the Payment Link button under the amount total. You will need to name the Payment Link (we recommend naming it something unique so you can easily identify it in your Transactions). You can also add a description if you wish to do so. After entering the price, tap ‘Create Payment Link’ to save the Payment Link to your account and present the option to share it.


You can view, as well as reshare, created Payment Links by going to Transactions > Payment Links. Please note, this section will not appear if you have not created any Payment Links.

What payment methods are accepted via Payment Links?

Most credit or debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Can I use a Payment Link more than once?

Yes, the same Payment Link can be shared and used multiple times, though it is important to bear in mind that using a Payment Link more than once will make it harder to distinguish between payees.

How will I know if a Payment Link has been paid?

You will receive an email to let you know whenever a Payment Link has been paid. The payment will also be visible in the ‘Money In’ section of Transactions.

Are there any additional fees for Payment Links?

Unlike other payment providers, Onvi does not charge any additional fees for Payment links; they are subject to exactly the same fees you pay for cardholder present transactions.

What is RapidPay?

RapidPay lets you take multiple payments of a fixed amount in quick succession.


How do I turn RapidPay on/off?

Go to Profile > Features, then toggle ‘RapidPay’ to ‘On’ or ‘Off as desired.


How do I know when RapidPay is activated?

The Payment screen will turn purple, a yellow lightning bolt will appear above the transaction amount and “RapidPay Enabled” will be displayed below it. You can also see whether RapidPay is toggled on or off by going to Profile > Features.

How can I make an Instant Withdrawal?

Go to Wallet to view your Instantly Available funds. This will show all payments received (minus fees) that are not in transit to your account (usually this will just be payments which were received that day). Tap ‘Instant Withdrawals’ to be given the option to enter the amount you would like to withdraw (minimum £1.50). Once entered, tap ‘Next’ to see a breakdown of the Withdrawal. Finally, tap ‘Confirm’ to initiate the withdrawal.

Are there any additional fees for Instant Withdrawals?

Instant Withdrawals are subject to a 1.2% fee (minimum £0.30). This will be deducted from the amount you have chosen to withdraw.

What is the minimum amount required to receive a payout?

You must have a balance greater than £1.00 to receive an Automatic Settlement. You must have a balance greater than £1.50 to process an Instant Withdrawal.


Where can I see the fees I am charged for each transaction?

You can see exactly how much your fees were for each transaction by downloading a report. To do this, go to Reports, select the date(s) you wish to view data for, then tap the download button in the top right corner. The report will be downloaded to your iPhone or Android device as a .csv file and includes a column showing the total fees for each transaction.

Do fees vary for Amex, International Cards, etc.?

Yes, an additional 2% fee applies to Amex, corporate, pre-paid and

international cards.

What if I want to change my bank account details for payouts?

You can do this by going to Profile > Business > Bank Accounts, then tapping the edit icon in the top right corner. This area of the app is protected by Admin PIN, and two factor authentication is required to amend any bank details.

What if I have not received my funds and it has been more than 3 working days?

Contact Stripe via and a member of the team will assist.


How do I process a refund?

Go to Transactions and tap on the transaction you wish to refund, followed by the refund icon in the top right hand corner. You can choose to process either a full or partial refund. The app does not allow for an amount greater than the original value to be refunded.

Where can I see a record of the settlements made to my account?

All settlements, including any Instant Withdrawals, can be found by tapping going to Wallet > Withdrawals.

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