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Transactions and Reporting

Where can I view my transactions?

You can view each individual transaction by tapping on the ‘Transactions’ tab at the bottom of the screen. More information can be found by tapping each transaction.


How do I provide a receipt to someone after I have processed a transaction?

In ‘Transactions’, find the transaction you want to provide a receipt for and then tap ‘Need a receipt’. You can then choose whether to print or email a receipt.


What do the numbers in the Reports section mean?

Revenue: All payments taken on the date(s) selected minus any Refunds.

Payouts: Any money withdrawn (automatically or via Instant Withdrawals) on the date(s) selected.

Sales: All payments taken on the date(s) selected.

Refunds: The sum of all refunds processed on the date(s) selected.

How can I find a specific transaction?

Tap ‘Transactions’, then tap the ‘Search’ icon in the top right corner of the screen. You can search transactions by amount or transaction ID (if known). Tap ‘Go’ to view the results.

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