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How do I change my password?

Go to Profile > Security > Password and you will be prompted to enter your old password before entering a new one.


I have forgotten my password

Visit the login screen and tap ‘Forgot Password’. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set a new one.

I have forgotten my Admin PIN

Tap ‘Forgot Admin PIN’ on any screen where you are prompted to enter it. You will receive a OTP to your email address which you must enter in order to change it.


How do I change the Admin PIN?

Go to Profile > Security > Change Admin PIN

How do I disable Admin User Mode?

Go to Profile and toggle ‘Admin User Mode’ to ‘Off’.

How long is Admin User Mode active for once enabled?

Admin User Mode will remain active until the device is locked or the app is closed.


What happens if I cannot verify my account?

Stripe needs to verify you are the account holder in order for you to process payments and receive settlements. You can contact them via if you are having issues with verification.

When connecting Tap to Pay on iPhone it asks to connect to my personal Apple ID. Will my customers be able to see this?

No, this is just to enable the Tap to Pay on iPhone functionality. Your personal Apple ID and details will never be visible to customers or anywhere in-app.

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